Consultancy and design
Your company and processes are of paramount importance to us

In virtually all industrial applications water is an integral component. These applications, however, vary considerably as do the quality requirements. This means that there are different requirements determined by each application and each of these requires specialised solutions

Aquacare has the in house manpower and resources to give you the support you need for all your water treatment requirements. This begins with an initial consultation regarding the needs for your application so that we are able to provide the precise solutions to all aspects of your needs.

We perform a comprehensive site survey including energy and water consumption, system type and process applications in order to provide an advanced technology based solution. We take all these aspects into account in the presentation of our proposals and will include all technical data needed in our quotation.

Aquacare is also available to help you with:

Manufacture, installation and commissioning

Monitoring, control and ongoing maintenance

Chemical and mechanical cleaning

Legionella control

Consultancy, design and engineering

Water treatment formulations

Water treatment equipment

Water analyses

Legionella analyses

Design of Legionella control programmes

Chemical cleaning and passivation

Maintenance of all types of water treatment and evaporative cooling equipment

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