About Aquacare
Keeping one step ahead by process innovation

Choosing Aquacare for water treatment applications is thinking about improvements and innovative technology. We have the in-house knowledge and expertise to provide individual solutions to individual problems.

Aquacare uses over a quarter of a century of experience to build the future and, using this experience, we innovate to create a better future for water usage.

We connect market and science by continued close cooperation with our customers and academic institutions. Whatever the project, whatever the application, it will always meet with our closest attention

Aquacare is available to help you with:

Consultancy and design

Manufacture, installation and commissioning

Monitoring, control and ongoing maintenance

Chemical and mechanical cleaning

Legionella control

Consultancy, design and engineering

Water treatment formulations

Water treatment equipment

Water analyses

Legionella analyses

Design of Legionella control programmes

Chemical cleaning and passivation

Maintenance of all types of water treatment and evaporative cooling equipment

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